Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greatest Body builder ever

Arnold Schwarzenegger the current Governor of california is the greatest body builder in the history of body building and MR.Olympia competitions.He was a young body builder when he began his career.He has won The Olympia compettions seven times with six times in a coontinuos streak.He was just 23 when he won his first Mr.Olympia competition which makes him a distinct champion of all times. He holds this record unbeaten by anyone till now.He is an Australian American.People used to call him "Arnie'.with regard to the issue of steroid use in body building industry Arnold has openly admitted his use of steroids. He bid goodbye to the body building career officially in 1980.His old time friends include Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.Stallone has been requesting Arnie to act in his film but Arnie is reluctant because of the political responsibilities.He is still admired by growing amateur body builders.

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