Thursday, September 25, 2008

The IPhones

The I phones have many advancements over the mobile phones in use today.The Iphones have a touch screen that can be used to access the menus in the phone.The phone has a virtual keyboard on the touch screen.The I phones have the internet access and they are a multi media smart phone.The i phones include the functions of portable media player and camera phone,equivalents to the Ipods.The I Phones have got the text message and visual voicemail feature.The internet services in the new technology I phones include email ,browsing and Wi-Fi connectivity.The I phones are yet to be released through out the world.The Apple company introduced the I phone in The United States.the great audio feature in the phone enables the user to have earpieces aving blue tooth technology to communicate with the I phone.The I phone uses a seperate OS(operating system ) called the Iphone OS.

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