Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller has served as a Rabbi and a director of education for more than a decade in several congregations.The congregations he served include riverside,Gilroy,Los Gatos,yuba city and Lancaster.He was a business man and he turned into a sacred man and wished to serve god.He wanted to create spiritual and emotional bonds among the Jewish people and also the people in the world.The site gives more information about Miller.There is an video introduction to miller in the site.Miller's current projects include the 'Synagogue of the greater Whole'.He wishes to work in harmony with the Rabbis and the synagogues.He wants to show Judaism as a meaningful, life influencing tradition.The site provides information on Miller about the ceremonies he attends,his study,the conversion and the faithful bridging.People can select pages under each of the sections to know more about Miller and his career to serve god.Miller attends the various Jewish ceremonies that include Funerals,house blesings,weddings and Bris and baby naming.The study includes details about introduction to Judaism,spiritual direction and custom courses.The faithful bridging provides information about Clergy panels,seminars and lectures.

              If you are arranging for a ceremony to name your new born child then You can get help from Miller.He does the Bris and the baby naming.You need to visit Bristo get the required details about the procedures.Miller suggests that since the family traditions vary and the naming ceremony includes rituals in the life cycle a chat with him will help you better.The contact number is provided.The  basic things that need to be done with regard to the baby naming ceremony are listed in the site.You can have a view of things that can help you arrange for the ceremony easily.Look for the free schedule of Miller.You can look out for the upcoming events and also sign up for the email updates.

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