Thursday, September 18, 2008

The value of Program Testing

The logical and syntax errors have been pointed out by program testing. A syntax error is an error in a program statement that in violates one or more rules of the language in which it is written. An improperly defined field dimension or omitted keywords are common syntax error. These errors are shown through error messages generated by the computer. A logic error on the other hand deals with the incorrect data fields, out-off-range items and invalid combination. Since the compiler s will not deduct logical error, the programmer must examine the output. Condition testing exercises the logical conditions contained in a module. The possible types of elements in a condition include a Boolean operator, Boolean variable, a pair of Boolean parentheses A relational operator or on arithmetic expression. Condition testing method focuses on testing each condition in the program the purpose of condition test is to deduct not only errors in the condition of a program but also other a errors in the program.

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