Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A worthy Cause

Hi Guys, hope you are having a great day. Not all the people in the world are rich. Some people are poor. Few people are called as orphans because they have lost their loved ones. They don’t have any relatives to support them. The situation of these people is really pathetic. They don’t have enough money to lead a normal life. Most of the orphans are so poor that they don’t have the money to even satisfy their basic needs. All the people in the world must come forward to help these people.

You might hear heard many websites where you can donate money to these people. But not all people can donate money. So for those people who wish to do something for these orphans, I would like to suggest them to visit the site carangel.org. This site accepts Car Donations form various people around the world. This is definitely a donation towards a worthy cause. So if you wish to to Donate Car, then all you have to do is to visit the link Donate My Car. You just have to fill in the form provided in the web site with your details. This site doesn’t share your information. This site makes use of these car, house and boat donations to help the orphans. They also create children’s animations and anti-drug documentaries. Here you can preview several positive media unlike most of the donation firms which show the salaries produced for those who work there.

This site also uplift books into prisons with the boats donated. They do a variety of programs like child sponsorships all over the world, Juvenile and adult prison reform, medical care and training, born again and delivered disciples, Anti-Drug Movie Project, Teenage pregnancy, University Scholarships, Disaster Relief and much more. You can even contact them using the phone number provided in the website. So people donate cars to a worthy cause.

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