Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introduction to a new concept

Java Swing, which is an extension library to the AWT, includes new and improved components that enhance the look and functionality of GUIs. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. Swing can be used to build Standalone swing GUI Apps as well as Servlets and Applets. It employs a model/view design architecture. Swing is more portable and more flexible than AWT. Swing is built on top of AWT and is entirely written in Java, using AWT's lightweight component support. In particular, unlike AWT, the architecture of Swing components makes it easy to customize both their appearance and behavior. Components from AWT and Swing can be mixed, allowing you to add Swing support to existing AWT-based programs. For example, swing components such as JSlider, JButton and JCheckbox could be used in the same program with standard AWT labels, textfields and scrollbars.

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