Monday, September 1, 2008

Shoulder made from Elbow

Cancer is a very deadly disease.Many people around the world have been suffering from The Different kinds of cancer.The cancerous tumors lead to a lot of medical complications and can go to the extent of removing parts affected by the tumor.A boy Tom aged 15 from pontefract had his left arm removed surgically by surgeons at Leeds hospital.His arm was removed because of the tumor at the top of the limb.But to his luck the doctors found the tissues and muscles in his elbow to be unaffected.So they decided to give him a new shoulder with the tissues and muscles from his unaffected elbow.This is the first Operation of its kind.The new shoulder was necessary the whole arm along with the shoulder was removed when he was operated for the tumor.Now the new shoulder can support an artificial arm.Thanks to the doctor.They have given him a Helping hand.

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